What I like most is the kids’ willingness to play it. They are always yelling “Ms. Daggs, Ms. Daggs can I play? Can I play?”

I like that it is pre-made. I don’t have to write, print, copy, or cut anything! And then there are so many different ways you can play it. So I just love love love The Blending Box

Ms. Daggs

4th Grade ELA, Arlington, TX

What I like about The Blending Box is that it’s very fun, engaging, interactive, and the kids are having fun learning. It’s different than your traditional systematic structured interventions. But after completing our end of year testing, we’ve found that the students that played The Blending Box have grown a half a year up to a year in their reading scores. I recommend it for any student K-5. There are so many layers that you can add and take away to get results fast.

Mrs. Jackson

Instructional Coach, K-5 Campus, Grand Prairie, TX

The Blendng Box is interactive and fun for all of my students, not just my struggling readers. It also helps reinforce with my higher readers as well.

Mrs. Yates

2nd Grade Self Contained, Arlington, TX