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The Blending Box concept was originally designed to close gaps with students in grades 3 and higher. The creator, Mrs. Whitfield, realized that upper elementary teachers were struggling to teach students HOW to read because their training mostly focused on teaching students how to UNDERSTAND what they read.  She had to create something quick and effective that students would LOVE to do daily.  She also had to consider creating a resource that wouldn’t embarrass students as they learned to master the beginner reading skills.  Lastly, she considered the limited amount of time that educators have in their instructional day. Throughout the years she has revised the concept until it evolved into the game it is today with all of the aforementioned aspects in mind.

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From The Creator

The best part of The Blending Box game is the extreme growth in students in a few months with limited work on your part. There aren’t any books, articles or videos required to reach or watch before you can begin to use the game in the classroom. The game package includes everything that you need to get started: no printing, cutting, or labeling required as you get with other learning kits. Simply read the quick start directions on how to play the game and get your students involved!!

– Ronise Whitfield